able clean enthusiastic heartening meek reasonable talented
accommodating clever ethical helpful meritorious refined temperate
accomplished commendable excellent high-class moral reliable terrific
adept compassionate exceptional honest neat remarkable tidy
admirable composed exemplary honorable noble resilient top quality
agreeable considerate exquisite hopeful obliging respectable tremendous
amazing consummate extraordinary humble observant respectful trustworthy
appealing cooperative fabulous important optimistic resplendent trusty
astute correct faithful impressive organized responsible truthful
attractive courageous fantastic incisive outstanding robust unbeatable
awesome courteous fascinating incredible peaceful selfless understanding
beautiful dazzling fine innocent perceptive sensational unequaled
benevolent decent first-class insightful perfect sensible unparalleled
brave delightful fortitudinous inspiring pleasant serene upbeat
breathtaking dependable gallant intelligent pleasing sharp valiant
bright devoted generous joyful polite shining valuable
brilliant diplomatic gentle judicious positive shrewd vigilant
bubbly discerning gifted just praiseworthy smart vigorous
buoyant disciplined giving kindly precious sparkling virtuous
calm elegant gleaming laudable priceless spectacular well mannered
capable elevating glowing likable principled splendid wholesome
charitable enchanting good lovable prompt steadfast wise
charming encouraging gorgeous lovely prudent stunning witty
chaste endearing graceful loyal punctual super wonderful
cheerful energetic gracious luminous pure superb worthy
chivalrous engaging great magnanimous quick superior zesty
gallant enhanced happy magnificent radiant supportive  
civil enjoyable hardy marvelous rational supreme  

Scripture guides us with the advice: "Let your speech always be gracious" (COL 4:6); A pleasant voice multiplies friends, and a gracious tongue multiplies courtesies." (SIR 6:5); and "be kind to one another" (EPH 4:32). It also says: "Anticipate one another in showing respect" (ROM 12:10). The Revised Standard Version translation of this verse is even better: "outdo one another in showing honor." That means instead of insulting each other, we should give each other compliments. To assist in this effort, we have provided this handy list of complimentary adjectives to get you started. Try them out on family, friends, and co-workers as appropriate.



Published by The Minnesota St. Thomas More Chapter of Catholics United for the Faith, September 2003.