There is a trite phrase that allegedly describes those that live in this state: Minnesota Nice. Perhaps a more accurate description of some of us would be "Minnesota Hypocritical".

  The state of Minnesota is trying to combat the medical condition known as Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. As part of this effort the state sponsored a series of advertisements on the sides of buses this past spring. These bus advertisements featured two glasses presumably filled with alcohol. One glass is very large, one is small. Next to the small glass is the caption "Your drink". Next to the large glass is the caption "Your unborn baby’s drink". Underneath are the words "Paid for by the state of Minnesota".

  By its advertising the state of Minnesota acknowledges that the fetus is an unborn baby. An unborn baby is not a lifeless mass of tissue, not a product of conception, not a part of a woman’s body, but a human being. This state then acknowledges that unborn babies need protection from alcohol.

  This then begs the question: Why does the state of Minnesota want to keep babies safe from alcohol on one hand but then pay for abortions to kill these same babies? Any woman who wants an abortion and can’t afford it can have the state pay for it. If a pregnant woman wants to get drunk the state will discourage her to prevent her baby from being harmed. If that same woman wants to kill her baby the state will pay for it. What higher form of encouragement to harm your unborn baby is there than calling abortion a right and then making it free? Maybe only those with a license are allowed to harm unborn babies.

  On Wednesday, March 3rd, 1999 a Minneapolis man was charged with three counts of 1st degree murder for stabbing and killing his ex-girlfriend and her young son. He was charged with three counts of homicide because the woman was five months pregnant. The hypocrisy is so thick you could choke on it.

  If a man can be charged with homicide for killing an unborn baby, why isn’t everyone charged with homicide when they kill an unborn baby? Maybe only some babies have the right to be protected under the law. Maybe only rich abortionists have the right to kill unborn babies. Maybe only those who have a big corporation like Planned Parenthood can kill unborn babies and get away with it. In fact, if the murdered woman had gone to an abortionist she would have had to pay him money to stab the same baby to death. Or she might have gotten the state of Minnesota to pay him to do it. The state would presumably not charge said abortionist with 1st degree murder, because he has a license. Don’t try this at home kids.

  Our state has a hypocritical outlook on the value of life of the unborn. If the state’s outlook was that an unborn baby was nothing but a mass of tissue and that killing a fetus is the same as cutting off a toenail, then it wouldn’t: sponsor advertisements advising pregnant women not to drink; or charge people with murder for killing an unborn baby. If the state’s outlook was that an unborn baby is a human being, and therefore has the same inalienable rights that everyone else has, it wouldn’t pay people to kill them.

  A far more chilling conclusion is the combination of the two. The state recognizes that the unborn are fully human but that we are allowed to kill them at the whim of whomever controls them. It then hires special commissioners to worry about human rights.

  The rank hypocrisy demonstrated by the state government is directly attributable to the people of the state. The laws of a society are the direct reflection of the values of the lawmakers. In this society "we the people" are ultimately responsible for laws that are enacted. Anyone who votes for pro-abortion politicians shares their guilt in the carnage they endorse. They also will wear the eternal title "Minnesota Hypocritical".



Published by The Minnesota St. Thomas More Chapter of Catholics United for the Faith, October 1999.