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The Minnesota Saint Thomas More Chapter is a local chapter of Catholics United for the Faith and is based in the St. Paul/Minneapolis area. Our goal is to assist National CUF at the local level in preserving the authentic teaching of the Catholic Church. We assist the Church by holding monthly meetings, publishing a monthly newsletter concerning Catholic issues in the St. Paul/Minneapolis area, sponsoring a yearly retreat, and keeping ourselves informed.
We have looked at the sites below and recommend them to increase your knowledge about the Catholic faith that Jesus founded on the rock of Peter.

The Vatican. If you want the originals, go to the source. Here you can see what the Vatican really has to say. There are links for new documents, museums, archives, the Vatican City State, the Curia, and
Congregation for the Clergy. Here you can search a Biblical text and its commentary, look up Canon Law and commentaries, look up the Sunday readings which are cross-reference with works of the Church Fathers, Texts of councils and encyclicals of the popes. This is a great site!
Eternal Word Television Network. EWTN was at the forefront of using the media to evangilize the Catholic faith. Their web site continues that leading edge tradition. At this site you can listen to the Pope's weekly blessing, search through thousands of documents and books, or listen to live broadcasts of their world wide radio network. This is a must see at
Catholic Answers. This is a leading Catholic apologetics and evangelization organization. Their goal is to help spread the Catholic faith so that all Catholics can evangelize. Their website is filled with helpful, practical articles that explain the Catholic faith. You can also listen to many of their weekly radio broadcasts. See their website at

Catholics United for the Faith is an international apostolate that seeks to support, defend and advance the efforts of the teaching Church. Check out their Faith Facts that give information on many topics from abortion to why the Catholic Church can't have women priests.

Many of our monthly meetings are held at the lovely St. Agnes Church at Lafond and Kent in St. Paul. St. Agnes has an internationally known program of music that is highlighted by orchestral Masses. You can find a schedule of their Masses at

The New Advent Website is not so much a site as a collection of references. At this site you can connect to lots of great Catholic websites. The folks that put this one together really collected some sites that are hard to find along with some that are more well known. All the connecting links seem to be truly loyal to the Pope and the magisterium. Here you can connect to an online version of the Boston Catechism, the Catholic Encyclopedia, as well as other good information. Look them up at
The Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter is an order of priests that offers the Mass, administers the other sacraments and prays the Divine Office using exclusively the liturgical books in use in 1962-the ancient Roman rite of the Western Church. They are a growing apostolate that is building a new seminary in the diocese of Lincoln, Nebraska. To find out more, see their web site at
The Catholic Liturgical Library. This site is dedicated to providing accurate historical and current information about the liturgies of the Latin (Roman) rite of the Catholic Church. Currently this includes the rite of Pope Paul VI (Novus Ordo) and the rite of Pope Saint Pius V (Tridentine). Contact them at
Thesarus Precum Latinarum. If you are interested in Latin liturgy this is an excellent site. It has a treasury of prayers for Mass as well as others in both Latin and English. It also contains helpful hints on learning Latin as well as an on line Latin dictionary. It also has links to other good Catholic websites. This site is has a long address so be sure to write it all down or click at
Mass Times. This is a site that offers the time and location to every known Catholic church in the the United States. It claims to be "A free ministry to traveling Catholics, funded by Pauline Books and Media, in partnership with the Catholic Communication Campaign of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops and Mass Times Trust." We have no way of knowing if the Masses offered at these churches are orthodox or not. All we can say is that this site claims that these churches are in fact Catholic. We add this site as a service to those who may be planning travel and would like to find out about the availability of Masses. Look them up at