Choose one word from each row of either column A or column B that completes the sentence below. Cross out the word that does not apply. Then do the same for columns C and D.

A tattoo or body piercing would make me look, or make me look like:

Column A Column B
Charitable Indifferent
Joyful Sullen
Peaceful Disturbing
Patient Impetuous
Kind Vicious
Good Wicked
Faithful Erratic
Gentle Rowdy
Self-controlled Wild
Generous Me first
Modest Brash
Chaste Sensuous
Wise Rash
Understanding Unknowing
A giver of good moral advice Deceitful
Incorruptible A follower
Knowledgeable Ignorant
Pious Shameless
I have fear of the Lord Impertinent
Pure Sleazy
Meek Aggressive
Humble Proud
Merciful Ruthless
Peaceful Troublemaker
Perfect Flawed
Faith filled Skeptical
Hopeful Life is pointless
Loving Merciless
Prudent Reckless
Just Arbitrary
Moderate Excessive
Soothing Angry
Wholesome Wicked
Column C Column D
Pure Lusty
Good Evil
Industrious Apathetic
Humble Proud
Calm Angry
Generous Greedy
Contented Envious
Patient Edgy
Kind Brutal
Moral Immoral
Immaculate Impure
Religious Impious
Friendly Combative
Cooperative Fractious
Courageous I Give in to peer pressure
Sober Drunk
Restrained I Carouse
Quiet Noisy
Virtuous Cheap
Tranquil Boisterous
Tender Cold
Encouraging Alarming
Pleasant Shocking
Safe Dangerous
Compassionate Barbarous
Gentle Forceful
Gentle Savage
Gracious Antisocial
Good Bad
Orderly Disorderly
Obedient Rebellious
Angelic Demonic
I build up I tear down



Published by The Minnesota St. Thomas More Chapter of Catholics United for the Faith, February 2008.