Adolf Hiltler became Chancellor of Germany in 1933. Hitler did not come to power by a coup or military takeover. He came into power by skillful use of a very powerful political party. His party was powerful because it had many members. People voted for him. They liked him. He'd goten the economy going, put people back to work, made most people feel good about themselves. It was no secret that he held some people, like Jews, in contempt. In fact Hitler had even written a book detailing his ideas that they were less than human and should be gotten rid of. People voted for him in spite of, or maybe because of this.

  In the 20-20 hindsight of history we can look back and shake our heads. How could anyone actually vote for such a monster? Surely anyone who did vote for Hitler bears responsibility for the organized mass murder that he created. Any one who votes for someone in favor of mass murder both actually and morally assists in the death that results. In the actual sense, the program of murder would not have been carried out if people had rejected such diabolic ideas. In the moral sense "we have a responsibility for the sins committed by others when we cooperate in them:" ordering, advising, praising, or approving them..." (CCC 1868) If those who voted for Hitler had full knowledge of his plans, they morally share the same guilt as those who personally dropped the Zyclon B into the showers.

  We have people who are in favor of mass murder in America today. We have people who want to wipe out entire classes of people because they consider them less than human. Of course today they call it abortion. It's still the same old thing; The "final solution" to the poverty/overpopulation/lack of opportunity/fill in the blank with your favorite social ill problem. I once listened to a woman who considered herself very progressive. She would have been aghast if you had called her a racist. Yet she blithely talked about how much better the world would be if we solved the "overpopulation problem" in Central America. They used up too many resources she said. There is no doubt she would have held a different opinion if the residents of that area had lots of money, or if they didn't have brown skin. Guess the master race needs more living room.

  Make no mistake, the slogans have changed, but the ideas are the same. The responsibility remains the same too. Anyone who votes for a pro-abortion candidate for political office actually and morally assists in the mass murder that goes on every day in this country. The voters who approve the pro-abortion politicians share the responsibility with the murderers who pull living human beings apart limb by limb. It doesn't matter how good they make the economy, if they make the trains run on time, or if they make it rain beer. If someone worries about being a "one issue voter", they need to remember that Hitler was good for the economy too.

  One day we will all look back with 20-20 hindsight on the history of our own life. When we do so in front of the Judge of all mankind, we will have to answer if we voted for Hitler/"pro-choice"/take care of social problems by killing people off, even if it was good for the economy.



Published by The Minnesota St. Thomas More Chapter of Catholics United for the Faith, May 1998.