Feast of the Holy Family
Catholics United for the Faith
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  1. Fear of the Lord is a ____ of the Holy Spirit.
  2. “God sets a father in _____ over his children”
  3. We are to put on compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, and _______.
  4. The 28th of December is normally the day to celebrate the feast of the Holy ______.
  5. “And over all these put on ____, that is, the bond of perfection.”
  6. They should be subordinate to their husbands.
  7. The Feast of the Holy Family falls on the Sunday in the ______ of Christmas.
  8. Today we hear the canticle of this man.
  9. The virtue that leads to an orderly love of self, based on a true understanding of one’s position with respect to God and neighbor.
  10. “Fathers, do not ______ your children”
  11. Today’s Gospel writer.


  1. “Your wife shall be like a fruitful ____ in the recesses of your home.” Ps 128
  2. “As the Lord has ______ you, so must you also do.”
  3. “He who _____ his father brings comfort to his mother.”
  4. “Take care of your father when he is ____”
  5. Mary, Jesus and Joseph returned to this town.
  6. “For my eyes have seen your _____, which you have prepared in the sight of all the peoples”
  7. Mary and Jesus completed the purification “according to the law of _____”
  8. “Whomever honors is father is gladdened by ______”
  9. The children of those who fear the Lord will be “like _____ plants around your table.” Ps128
  10. “Let the _____of Christ dwell in you richly”